Acronym Description
ATC&C Aggregate Technical, Commercial, and Collection
BPE Bureau of Public Enterprises
BPP Bureau of Public Procurement
CAC Corporate Affairs Commission
CAMA Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap C20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004
CBN Central Bank of Nigeria
COD Commercial Operations Date
DisCo Distribution Company
DMO Debt Management Office
EC Eligible Customers
EPC Engineering, Procurement & Construction
EPSRA Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005
ERERA ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority
FGN Federal Government of Nigeria
GACN Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria
GenCo Generation Company
GHG Green House Gas
GSA Gas Supply Agreement
GTA Gas Transportation Agreement
HPP Hydro Power Plant
IPP Independent Power Producer
IRP Integrated Resource Plan
KPI Key Performance Indicator
MAP Meter Asset Provider
MDA Ministries, Departments & Agencies of FGN
MO Market Operator
MRO Minimum Remittance Order
MYTO Multi Year Tariff Order
NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NBET Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc
NDPHC Niger Delta Power Holding Company
NELMCO Nigeria Electricity Liability Management Company
NEPA National Electric Power Authority
NEPP National Electric Power Policy 2001
NERC Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
NESIC Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry
NGC Nigerian Gas Company
NIPP National Integrated Power Project
NNPC Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
NSIA Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority
OVP Office of the Vice President
PACP Presidential Action Committee on Power
PAF Payment Assurance Facility
PCOA Put Call Option Agreement
PHCN Power Holding Company of Nigeria
PIP Performance Improvement Plan
PLC Public Limited Company
PMMI Presidential Mass Metering Initiative
PPA Power Purchase Agreement
PSRP Power Sector Recovery Programme
PSRO Power Sector Recovery Operation
PTFP Presidential Task Force on Power
SO System Operator
TCN Transmission Company of Nigeria
TEM Transitional Electricity Market
WAPP West African Power Pool

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